Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015:  5 Features that will Revolutionise your Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015:  5 Features that will Revolutionise your Sales

Delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations is a vital part of gaining ground against the competition and creating longer-term, valuable relationships.  It’s a subject Microsoft is passionate about and one which lies at the heart of the Dynamics product roadmap.  So it’s perhaps no surprise that the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which started rolling out this Spring, is packed with new features, functionality and integration points to help businesses drive even greater advantage across sales, marketing, customer service, social interaction and mobility. 

To whet your appetite, here’s 5 of the new features that we think will have a significant impact on the sales capability within every business.

1. Track Emails

The latest release now provides a more intuitive way to track emails associated to a given account or opportunity, and have them linked straight back to the record in CRM. You can now create tracking folders within Outlook which work with normal Exchange inbox rules making it easy to automate and manage tracking. How does that work in practice? Whenever an incoming email arrives and logs into the tracking folder, it will automatically be associated back to the core record within CRM.  It’s a simple feature that promises to save inordinate amounts of time each day and also ensure that a complete 360-degree of the customer is retained centrally.

2. Embedded OneNote

Microsoft's note taking tool, OneNote, will now be embedded right within CRM 2015.  That will enable salespeople to create notes containing text, photos, voice, spreadsheets and free-form drawings right within the actual account or opportunity in CRM.  It will also transform the ease with which those notes can be shared more widely within sales teams or the organisation as a whole. Put simply, no more disparate notes or information held outside of the CRM system which means greater efficiency and significantly reduced risk.

3. Office 365 Groups Preview

Office 365 Groups is a way for extended teams to collaborate and share information even if they don’t have access to CRM Online.  An Office 365 Group is essentially an online workspace that team members, who have an Office 365 account, can use to share files, emails, calendars and OneNote notes. It’s an exciting new feature that will help breakdown technology access barriers and help to foster and build on a central CRM-led culture throughout the business.

4. Mobile Sales

To deliver a more streamlined experience for mobile sales teams, Microsoft has developed a re-imagined phone app, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Phones.  Available across all mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, the app will let salespeople manage data while on the go.  Even when there is no connectivity the app supports the creation and editing of offline drafts which then synchronise back up to the main CRM system as soon as the device reconnects.  What’s more, deploying the app couldn’t be simpler as central settings will simply cascade across all devices and form factors.

5. Enhanced User Experience

Finally, as with every new release, Microsoft has invested in a range of user interface upgrades - features which will boost user adoption and help drive greater productivity.

Streamlined navigation – the navigation has been updated to increase usability when there are a large number of tiles, making it easier to find what you need with less scrolling and clicking.

Global Most Recently Used – Users can now enjoy a central list of the most recently viewed and pinned items so they can get to the information they need, faster.

UI Themes – There’s now even greater functionality to allow your business to apply the same branding and ‘look and feel’ to your CRM interface as your other applications, providing your users with a streamlined, connected experience.

Obviously, we’ve covered just the tip of the iceberg here; there is so much that this exciting new release has to offer. You can find out more about the many features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Social engagement, and Parature in the 'Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview Guide' available within the ‘Resources’ section of our website at .

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