Compliance experts drive increased operational efficiency and accountability with Dynamics CRM

Company Background

Bovill is a leading regulatory consultant which provides advisory services to businesses who are regulated by the FCA and PRA. These services, ranging from compliance healthchecks to full onsite support, help businesses manage day-to-day compliance requirements and prepare for new regulation. The business is on a high growth trajectory with a new office recently opened in Asia and increasing business coming from overseas corporations looking to operate in Europe. The small team of 50 manage over 400 clients, ranging from SMEs right up to large global enterprises. As the business looks towards the next period of expansion and growth, Rachel Aldridge, Chief Operating Officer at Bovill, has been driving the company forward with some clear goals to maximise customer value, increase repeat business and build the international client base.


Bovill had been using a bespoke, internally developed CRM system to manage customer information and contact records.  When the system architect looked to retire from the business, Bovill faced the risk of relying on an intricate system that would be hard to maintain and develop.  Introducing a new system, however, brought challenges – it would have to offer the same sophisticated functionality and mirror current process automation to minimize business disruption and ensure user adoption.

Rachel comments, “We needed to retain the same CRM functionality for cultural and operational reasons.  But we feared ‘off the shelf’ products couldn’t adapt sufficiently without incurring prohibitive costs.”


Rachel evaluated Salesforce and Dynamics CRM but chose to proceed with a Microsoft solution for the cost, ease of management and user familiarity advantages it presented.  However, soon after implementation began, progress with the appointed IT partner began to falter.  Faced with delays and mounting costs, Rachel sought a fresh approach and Concise CRM was recommended as an experienced specialist with a business-first approach to delivering user-led CRM.

Concise CRM reviewed the systems requirements and the existing CRM functionality, talking to stakeholders around the business to ensure user needs were fully incorporated.  A detailed solution design and implementation plan was developed incorporating system integration with Microsoft Office and the Sage Accounting system. Large volumes of data were cleansed and migrated into the new system while sophisticated custom functionality was added for time sheet recording, lead management and consultant target tracking.  Once ready to launch, Concise CRM delivered user-focused training sessions to ensure all teams were familiar with how the new system supported their individual roles.

Bovill’s new Microsoft CRM solution enables them to:

- Retain a centralised contact database for all customers and prospects

- Record, analyse and report on time accrued against client service agreements

- Create and deliver targeted marketing activity

- Retain all files and documents in one central location

- Generate client invoices and monitor unpaid debtors

- Drive management insight into resourcing profitability

- Track proposal activity and prospect conversion rates for insightful win/loss analysis

- Assign, monitor and report on individual consultant targets

- Create dashboards to show ‘work in progress’ and management metric attainment

Business Benefits

Greater operational efficiency

- Everyday processes like setting up a new account, recording time or generating an invoice are now fully automated increasing everyone’s time efficiency

- Centralised, shared information together with powerful search functionality ensures that everyone can access the same information whether they are in the UK or Asia, office located or working onsite with customers

- Integrated quality assurance functionality ensures that all new information entered within the system meets Bovill’s agreed taxonomy and quality standards

- Familiar system interfaces and integration with Microsoft Office products ensure the system is easy to use and that tasks can be completed from one screen

Performance insights

- Detailed dashboards show ‘work in progress’ and performance against business success metrics ensuring that the business can take remedial action at any time

- Recording individual consultant targets within the system allows consultants to keep track of their own progress driving a greater sense of individual accountability

- New incentive schemes have been launched leveraging the accurate, real-time information stored within the timesheeting system to encourage greater productivity

Profitable growth

- Monitoring of new proposals and win/loss analysis enables to the business to have greater insight into success and to inform future new business strategies

- Financial dashboards ensure that time usage against client service agreements is optimal and that invoices are raised in a timely, accurate way

- Centralised contact information coupled with targeted marketing capability enables Bovill to strengthen prospect nurturing activities with high-impact event communications and newsletters

Greatest overall benefit

“One of the best aspects of the new system is the level of reporting.  With all our data centralised we quickly respond to analysis requests using pre-built dashboards or bespoke report generation.  I can keep track of what proposals are out, what each individual is working on and ensure we are delivering service profitably.  We’re going through a period of rapid growth, so it’s been invaluable to provide senior management with quick insights and performance indicators without them having to dive into the day-to-day business.” Rachel concludes.


“Concise CRM have provided us with a very detailed, complex CRM system which equips us for the next stage of growth. This was a significant project and they helped us achieve what we needed with understanding and a refreshingly collaborative approach. We’re delighted with the result.”
Rachel Aldridge, Chief Operating Offier, Bovill
“The system lets us weave CRM into the day-to-day business and we have the functionality to keep making small changes to give users the best possible experience. Concise CRM have helped us create a CRM system that is pretty much future-proof.”
Rachel Aldridge, Chief Operating Offier, Bovill
“Concise CRM were great to work with. We had very specific requirements but they translated those into a solution that is both practical and unique. At every stage they have been helpful, professional and always available when we needed them.”
Rachel Aldridge, Chief Operating Offier, Bovill
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