Great Point Media

Efficient customer service and unlimited business growth enabled for dynamic media business.

Company Background

Founded in 2012, Great Point Media is a boutique media business specialising in the development and distribution of entertainment media, as well as the commercial exploitation of those intellectual property rights.  Its core focus is television and feature films, although it also actively manages projects in other fields of entertainment media, including book publishing, music, creative technology and new media. Although a relatively new entrant to the market, the company has seen impressive growth in its first 2 years of trading, developing and producing high profile, big budget projects for broadcasters around the world.  Dan Perkins, Commercial Director, leads investment fundraising for the business and has been instrumental in evaluating the company’s CRM processes and tools.


Without a specific CRM system, Great Point Media previously managed contact, fundraising and project management information from unconnected Excel spreadsheets, stored on individual computers.  This was causing daily working challenges and increased risk within the business. Without information stored in a centrally accessible location, data integrity was being compromised.  Different, variable versions of information were in circulation and there was a growing risk that out-of-date information could be used. Additionally, data protection and security issues were a constant worry. As the scale of business grew, Dan and the team were conscious that if they couldn’t respond swiftly to information requests and deliver consistent, high quality customer service, their reputation could be impacted.

Dan recalls “We had to be very disciplined about keeping everything updated but we knew that the risk was growing as we scaled out the business.  Part of the reason people invest with us is that we give great quality of service.  Without a good CRM system that supported our processes, you could see how we might quickly be in ‘hot water’.”


Based on previous experiences and industry reputation, Concise CRM was asked to scope out solution recommendations. Having fully explored Great Point Media’s current processes, cultural working style and its vision of how the business would grow in the future, Concise CRM recommended a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution which would address the business’ immediate requirements and also provide a solid, scalable platform which could adapt and grow to meet future needs. 

Concise CRM designed and configured the CRM solution template and worked hand-in-hand with the team at Great Point Media to fully incorporate all existing project, investor and contact information, before finally implementing the system in the cloud. Once deployed, training was provided to the team, ensuring that the system was universally adopted and providing immediate business value.  Now fully operational, Concise CRM continue to provide ongoing support.

The dynamic, new Microsoft CRM solution has fully equipped and enabled Great Point Media with:

- A centralised, detailed contact database

- Fast, accurate investor reporting capability for clients and IFAs 

- Sales pipeline tracking for future investments across a rolling 12-month period

- Monitoring of active investment flows on a monthly basis and recording and reporting on investment net asset values

- Consolidation of investee companygovernance data including Corporate Tax reference numbers, VAT registration numbers and annual return filing dates

- Management, monitoring and tracking of corporate entertainment activities

Business Benefits

Efficient business planning

- Greater visibility of fundraising data is enabling Great Point Media to effectively forecast and proactively plan future projects for the year ahead

- Ongoing tracking of investment net asset values provides vital insights that will inform future investment decision making

Time savings

- A single accessible view of customer and investment information is saving Great Point Media significant time each day by negating the need to work across multiple documents and applications

- Dashboard views and pre-configured information reporting helps Great Point Media to provide professional looking reports to customers and internal stakeholders without any need for manual creation

Exceeding client expectations

- Fast access to accurate information means that complex customer requests can be fulfilled effortlessly in minutes rather than hours

- With all CRM data stored in the cloud, Great Point Media can confidently reassure customers about data integrity and security

Insights anywhere

- Great Point Media can access C-RM information from any internet-enabled location ensuring team members and management have all the data they need wherever they are working

Greatest overall benefit…

“The one stand-out benefit for me is simply having everything in one place.  It’s taken away our growing concerns about data integrity and given us greater capability than we could have imagined.  I can see exactly what fundraising is coming in for the year ahead so I’m able to plan and forecast proactively in a way that was much harder before.  If I receive a phone call from an IFA requesting fund valuations and investor lists across projects, I can get that view in minutes. It’s achieved more than we set out to do and we’re seeing big benefits. “ Dan concludes.


“Concise CRM gave us a really different approach. They positively challenged our requests and worked through them with us to guarantee the best outcome. Not everyone does that. They listened and took the time to give us the best solution.”
Dan Perkins - Commercial Director, Great Point Media
“Introducing the system has been a very smooth process. Concise CRM have taught me what technology can really do. We’re doing things we couldn’t have dreamt of before.”
Dan Perkins - Commercial Director, Great Point Media
“As we grow the business this CRM solution will give us what we need at every step. But more than that, Concise CRM helped us think about IT as a bigger picture and even connected us to another partner who could help us achieve other goals. As a resulted we’ve moved 100% into the cloud”
Dan Perkins - Commercial Director, Great Point Media
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