Extended CRM

Basic CRM features like contact management bring a wealth of benefit to all businesses. But, sometimes to drive advantage companies need to extend beyond this.

Advanced Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a product that your business can grow in to – certainly not out of. Packed with features and functionality, we ensure that you get the highest value from your investment.  We will advise you on how to take advantage of the ‘advanced functionality’ including business process automation capability that exists within the product, and apply our deep knowledge of industry best-practice to blend that capability with your business requirements, processes and user culture.

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In addition to the rich functionality, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also be highly customised to meet virtually every business requirement. Such customisations might include:

  • Enhancement or modification of standard entities
    For example, an 'Investment Entity' to capture investment data against a client record.
  • Custom database entities
    For example, industry specific data such as fund and investor data for Financial Services.
  • System Integration
    CRM provides an excellent platform with which to integrate with other systems, for example an existing email campaign tool, an accounting system, post code validation or an ERP system.
  • Self-service portals
    For example, you may wish to present CRM data to external stakeholders via a web portal.

Concise CRM can provide a fully managed and comprehensive change management service to help you implement any required customisation.  

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Mobile workers face additional complexity around how they work but their need to have up-to-date, immediate customer information at their fingertips is no different to office-based teams. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a range of features and functionality to help them be productive on the move. However, specific business needs may require your business to take your mobile CRM capability to the next level.

Concise CRM will provide objective recommendations on leading third party solution add-ons to complement and extend your Dynamics CRM environment, ensuring you achieve an extended solution that keeps CRM at the heart of everyone’s day.

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Fast customer response times, coupled with instantly available information, is a vital way to effectively differentiate your business from your competitors and build customer loyalty. Many businesses are now looking to streamline their CRM and customer service capability by integrating their telephony and unified communications services with their CRM solution, empowering employees to manage all customer contact from one screen.

Through deep partnership with Office 365 and Skype for Business specialist partners, Concise CRM can help you achieve a holistic CRM approach that has telephony embedded within your solution. That enables your users to have video and voice chats with colleagues or customers directly from within their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, while your business saves costs and increases operational efficiencies.

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Business Challenge

Potential Solution

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I only want screens to display relevant data to the logged in user

Security roles can be defined to display only the relevant data to a user

My clients are Financial Advisors who sometimes move firm. I would like a way to easily reassign them to a new company and correctly realign their new address.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides powerful and flexible ‘real time workflows’ to cater for scenarios for this.

I need to be able to identify high value clients automatically based on opportunity data and notify my team.

Information, such as client status, can be automatically populated based on your business processes in Microsoft CRM. This is a great productivity gain for the user, helps maintain data quality and keeps team members informed of client updates.

I need to be able track client complaints and ensure that they are dealt with effectively by the correct team. I also need to be aware of any lessons that have been learned during this process to avoid similar problems in the future.

CRM provides functionality that can be utilised for this scenario. CRM makes it not only easy to track complaints but also provides powerful business process automation tools to ensure effective resolution.

Our business uses Yammer for internal communications across our entire team. Not all team members have access to CRM. Can we share information across both systems?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with Yammer which provides collaboration across all teams and both platforms seamlessly.