Keep CRM at the heart of everyone’s day, wherever and however they work, with advanced mobile CRM capabilities.

Mobile workers face additional complexity around how they work but their need to have up-to-date, immediate customer information is no different to office-based teams. Specialist mobile CRM applications extend the inbuilt capabilities in your Dynamics CRM solutions to strengthen your sales and service teams with the tools and capabilities they need to work from anywhere.

Extend the value of your CRM

Your CRM system is only effective if your employees can keep it up to date with timely and relevant information. Extending your mobile capability helps you get more value from your existing investment by allowing them to use the system to greatest effect wherever they are. Advanced features such as on- and off-line use, advanced content capture, dashboards and intelligent search help make your people more productive with less effort. They make CRM easy.

Keep it familiar yet personalised

User adoption is critical to the success of your CRM solution. If the system doesn’t work the way your users want it to any device, they will struggle to adopt it into their day-to-day activities. Extending your Dynamics CRM solution with specialist third party solutions, Like Resco Mobile CRM, gives your users the power to personalise their own views, prioritise the content that has the most value to them, and benefit from sophisticated features designed with the mobile user in mind. They feel connected to the system. You retain and enhance competitive advantage by enabling them to easily access and update CRM anytime, anywhere. And security is uncompromised with the highest levels of encryption and complete control retained centrally in the organisation.

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