Enable the people at the heart of your business to communicate without barriers.

Technology should make life easier for your staff and the people important to your business. So it can be frustrating when technology creates barriers to communication. When you integrate telephony with your CRM system you break down those barriers and empower your customer-facing teams to deliver the highest levels of interaction and service.

Speed up communication and reduce cost

Today’s modern telephony solutions, like Skype for Business, enable your people to connect with anyone inside and outside of your organisation using instant message, audio call and video call – and that has a huge impact on productivity. It enables people in different parts of the country and world to communicate without delay and cost. It ensures that they have information at their fingertips within CRM when a call comes in and everything is accessible from one screen. And there’s a real financial implication too. Not only is travelling cost significantly reduced, instant communication means customers can reach your business faster and you’re not missing opportunities along the way.

Business value exceeds expectations

Research shows that when businesses invest in a unified communication telephony service, they consistently meet and exceed their business value expectations. A study by PWC in March 2015* found that:

  • 67% businesses improved their productivity
  • 68% businesses gained in efficiency
  • 62% businesses improved collaboration between dispersed teams
  • 58% businesses reported a strong demand from employees to use the technology
  • 54% businesses reduced their operational costs
  • 54% businesses reported an increase in morale amongst their people

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* PWC study “Unified communications – Collaboration simplified”, March 2015