Trained users will be effective and happy users so training is vital to ensure successful solution adoption.

Our training is designed to be concise and targeted to each user’s role-specific needs. As little as one-hour of focused training can lead to huge improvements.

Concise CRM will work with you to understand your training requirements and this can (and should) include re-assessing your current or planned usage. This ensures that your users are trained on effective processes and fully benefiting from what the product can offer.

The following provides some examples of the training topics areas we offer, but we are equally happy to discuss bespoke packages to fit your business context.

Many areas of CRM are used by all types of users, not just those in the generic sales, marketing and customer service functions. Our core ethos is to deliver training based on business role and best practice, not specific areas of functionality in their generic form.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Core skills

  • Basic Navigation
  • Importing contacts and working with Outlook contacts
  • Using CRM in Outlook
  • Working with lists and views
  • Personalising your workspace
  • Using charts and dashboards
  • Managing duplicate records
  • Finding records


  • Working with Leads and Campaign tracking
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Converting emails to Leads and Opportunities
  • Using Dashboards to get maximum sales information
  • Managing personal and pipeline activities
  • Working with sales processes
  • Mobile access to CRM


  • Advanced find  and creating Marketing Lists
  • Generating Quick Campaigns
  • Associating activities to campaigns
  • Creating and managing Market Dashboards
  • Setting marketing ‘Goals’

Customer Services

  • Creating Cases
  • Tracking, creating  and linking emails in Outlook to CRM cases
  • Working with Queues
  • Allocating cases based on business rules
  • Assisting case resolution through the use of scripts and dialogues
  • Working with Solutions
  • Managing Goals

It is very often convenient to talk about CRM users in the generic groups above of ‘Sales, Marketing and Customer Services’. The reality is of course that many areas of CRM will be used by all types of users. This brings us back to our core ethos that training should be based on business role and best practice not specific areas of functionality in their generic form.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.