Why Cloud?

One of the unique qualities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that you get to choose whether you install the application on your own server or simply access it through the cloud via a highly secure and resilient Microsoft data center.

At Concise CRM we are happy to support both but believe there are some intrinsic and highly valuable benefits to cloud based CRM.

We will of course always consider your specific business scenario before making a recommendation either way.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Cost Savings

Cloud based CRM does not require physical infrastructure other than an internet connection.

The following very simple example illustrates just some of the potential infrastructure cost savings.

Infrastructure Required?
A dedicated physical application and web server
A dedicated Microsoft SQL server
The licensing and maintenance of server(s) Operating System software
Ongoing support and maintenance costs for the hardware

Speed of deployment

There is little to no infrastructure planning or remote access policy setting that your IT team would need to consider. Redundancy is usually built in as part of the service. In the case of CRM the system can be accessed within minutes of putting a subscription in place.

Meet your teams business requirements quicker

Without the need to consider infrastructure issues your project team can focus on the business needs and deliver results faster. 

No upfront license costs

Subscription based licenses mean that you pay for access to CRM as you use it. This is achieved by a fixed monthly or annual subscription based on the number of users who need access to the system. The lack of a significant upfront capital expenditure potentially reduces costs or enables budget to be reallocated to furthering the business objectives through the use and development of CRM.

Upgrades are automatic

Microsoft are serious about CRM. The product is continually developed and enhanced. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online this is taken care of for you. You will simply be notified when your upgrade will take place.

Security and privacy you can trust

Microsoft take your privacy and security very seriously. Download the Microsoft CRM Privacy Whitepaper from our resource centre.

Financially backed SLA

SLA of 99.99% uptime.

Backup and Recovery included

Your CRM online backup and recovery will be managed as part of your subscription.

Anytime, anywhere access

CRM in the cloud provides CRM access to your team - anytime, anywhere. This is without the need to configure remote access, firewalls or internet facing domains.

It just works from anywhere on virtually any device providing productivity to your team wherever they are.

Supports your teams devices

CRM online provides easy access to your team from their own smart phones or devices. This can either be through a browser or the excellent Microsoft CRM mobile apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Real time client access to client data

Access to CRM through the cloud and virtually any smart device provides for real time access and updates to your client data. This can represent a major step forward in terms of both personal productivity and your business information needs.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud just makes life easier.

It reduces upfront costs significantly, provides real time access to CRM for your team anytime and anywhere from virtually any device.

It does all this in a highly secure and resilient manner without you or your IT team having to worry about how.

That leaves you and your team free to focus on your business. That’s why we at Concise CRM love Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.